The Healing Notes files are listed under Body, Mind and Spirit

There is relaxation guidance to help put you into the best possible state to receive healing.

In addition to the Healing Notes audio files and CDs on these pages, you are also able to order a Personalised File, unique to you and taking your own problems at all levels into account.  These files take at least six hours to compile and record, and so they are priced at £65 for an audio file, and £75 for a CD (includes P&P).  If you want to find out more about ordering a Personalised File, please email me so that we can be in contact and discuss what will help you.  The email address is on the Contact Page.

Body Music Therapy distant learning CDs
Mind Music Therapy distant learning CDs
Spirit Therapy distant learning CDs

How can I buy one?

Each Healing Notes file is available as a CD, or it can be sent via the internet as an MP3 file
(making it easy to put on your phone, to listen wherever you are).

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