Healing Notes What Are They? What do I have to do?

Just lie back, relax, and let the healing energies in the music just wash over you…..

This is Distant Healing* in the 21st Century, based on a combination of digital technology and holistic therapies: crystals, colour, acupoints, essential oils, sound and flower essences (where applicable) have been used to create a powerful new way of accessing their collective healing energies, which have been recorded and then combined with the beautiful music of Thaddeus**.

There is relaxation guidance to help put you into the best possible state to receive healing. The music lasts 20 minutes – so listening daily (or, even better, twice daily) will not take up too much of your time.

We are all more than just a physical body; we have a mind, and also emotions;
and we are part of the Universe – we are spirit, as well. So the Healing Notes files are listed under Body, Mind and Spirit – click on the links below to see what is currently available, and also the new files that will be coming soon.

If you are in any doubt about which Healing Notes file to choose, do please email me (email address is on the Contact page) and I will advise.

*meaning that you do not need to visit a healer
**Thaddeus’ music can be ordered from LuminEssence Productions at www.orindaben.com

Body Music Therapy distant learning CDs
Mind Music Therapy distant learning CDs
Spirit Therapy distant learning CDs

How can I buy one?

Each Healing Notes file is available as a CD, or they can be downloaded as an MP3 file
(making it easy to put on your phone, to listen wherever you are).

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Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

I was very impressed with the whole thing. I thought your introductions were very professional and came across really clearly and well. The music was wonderful and it seemed as though it only lasted a few minutes as I drifted off somewhere. I feel so much better since receiving healing via the audio recording. I have more energy and a lot of the symptoms have cleared up. If I’m feeling stressed and need to relax or need a top up of healing, I put on the CD. It makes me find time for me. Thank you Jill!

CJ, Bristol, UK (Personalised CD)

Early days, but I have been listening to your recording every night and am feeling less jittery and no longer feel as though I am standing on the edge of a cliff, not knowing what to do.

NE, Australia (Depression & Chronic Pain CDs)

Whilst initially perhaps a little sceptical that listening to sound could help convey other helpful thoughts and be of true benefit, I was proved wrong, as the recording has helped not just on a surface level in easing my sleep pattern, but also on a deeper level. A fantastic recording, professionally done.

CG, Bristol, UK (Depression and Insomnia CDs)

The music and the time taken to relax and listen were both wonderful and after three days I had full nights of sleep, and felt so much better with energy revived.

I have to be honest and say I did not continue every day and found sleep patterns were again erratic; however the ease of using this healing was such that I was able just to reach for my iPod when sleep escaped me.

JE, Somerset, UK (Insomnia CD)

We’ve been listening to the CD every day and even my three year old asks to listen to it now (think it’s because the music is SO lovely!). Like I said, I’m sure this is playing a huge part in my one year old’s skin looking the way it does (even with teething).

KH, Devon, UK (Skin Problems CD, used for eczema)

I listened to Jill’s Healing Notes CD to help treat my medium-level depression. After a few weeks I’m having more good days than bad, and I think this healing has made a big difference to my well-being. I think this taps into my own ability to self-heal, and allows me to unwind. The sounds and visualisation are very relaxing. And a bargain price – I can listen to the CD as often as I want!  Thanks, Jill.

Susie S., Bristol UK (Depression CD)